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The silence is profound. Nothing but the calm, rhythmic sound of your own breathing, each exhale leaving a trail of rising bubbles. A moving meditation as you glide through the warm embrace of the waters. Ahead, the walls of the reef tower like a fortress, protecting all the dazzling life and colour darting within.

Waters calm yet riotous with a kaleidoscope of marine life. Fringed by a pristine coral reef built steadily over time and carefully undisturbed, Iru Fushi is a living paradise offering bountiful discoveries in one of the world’s richest diving destinations. Beyond, the reefs of Noonu Atoll offer ever more natural wonders, inviting you to take the plunge.

Whether you’ve dived all over the world or are being fitted for your first mask, our SSI and PADI-certified dive centre and multilingual master divers offer a full array of courses, and group or private excursions to a number of sites around the atoll, each with its own unique discoveries. Day or night, open water or sheltered reef, choose your own diving adventure.